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When/how to submit detailed project plan
It is suggested by the data given and information in the document library that in a project application the only information about the actual content of a project should be provided in the short, 4-page Technical Tender Form. However, in the Tender Specifications a "detailed work plan, which clearly indicates the sequences and timing of the work, and the schedule for providing deliverables" is also mentioned as a part of the application (p. 22). At what point in the application process - and how - can we submit this more detailed information? Is there a template available? Or is the Technical Tender Form really all that is expected in the application with regard to actual content?
The Technical tender form (Annex 6) does not replace the technical offer. The Technical tender form is not the main document to include all the technical elements of the tender, but a summary of the main elements that may have impact on the evaluation to be filled in by the tenderer. It is only meant to guide the evaluation committee through the technical offer (Please see the page 1 of the Annex 6). No specific template is provided for the technical offer, and so tenderers are free to decide how to structure their technical offer. Please note, however, that the technical offer must cover all the requirements specified in the tender specifications. Please refer also to Section 3.7. of the technical specifications "Content of the tender". Tenders must be submitted exclusively via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the website: Detailed information on the electronic submission can be found in the ‘Invitation to tender’ document. For detailed instructions on how to submit a tender electronically please consult the e-Submission Quick Guide available at