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External Provision of IT Services
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European Parliament, DG Innovation and Technological support (ITEC)
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Lot 3 References
We have a question concerning the conditions for References described in PART G to Technical specifications, bullet 2 concerning "covered activities falling into the domain" and bullet 5, "demonstrate the capacity of the tenderer to address all the technical areas". Could you confirm that references need to cover the activities described p. 6 in PART A to technical specifications (eg project planning, architectural design) but not the tools, technologies or environment described in EP Development standard overview? If not, could you please define what you mean by "technical areas"?
The set of references must demonstrate that the tenderer is able to address all the technical areas covered by the concerned lot (i.e. the domain of the concerned lot). In other words, the set of references must cover all the technical areas listed in a lot in the best possible way (i.e. without any significant gap) and not mandatorily up to 100 %. For other topics related to specific technical areas see also answer to Question173 and Question206.