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AO 10578 'Duplication and replication of CDs, DVDs and production of USB flash d...
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Publications Office of the European Union (OP)
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Price por different colors Jewell Box or DVD case
Also in the price schedule, we have to provide a single price for DVD case black, white or transparent, the price is much different in each kind of product so at the end the Publications Office is going to pay more. I suggest to change the actual disposition of the excel file.
The Office will only order black or transparent cases. If white cases are requested, the competition will be reopened (see point 4.9.1 of the Specifications) Please note that the description of the tasks B04N03, B04N04, B04N05, B04N06, B04N07, B04N08, B04U03, B04U04, B04U05, B04U06, B04U07, and B04U08 have been modified. Tenderers are requested to download the last version of the price schedule from the "Document Library". Please be aware that any offer not based on the latest version of the price schedule and specimen quotation will be rejected.