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Identification, assessment, sharing and dissemination of best practices for the ...
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European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV)
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Request for clarification on Sub-task 3A - new tender Ref. ENV.D.2/SER/2018/0019
With respect to the technical specifications (section 3) on the new tender Ref. ENV.D.2/SER/2018/0019, I hereby request a clarification on Sub-task 3A – EU-level best practice" The tender states ‘the contractor shall organise the selection of maximum one best practice……” It is likely that the best method to apply to a species will vary depending on the objective of management (eradication, restricting spread, reducing damage etc ) and the scale (local, regional or national) at which it might be applied. Does the Commission anticipate one method per species in total, or one method per species applicable to these different objectives/scales?
The Commission in sub-task 3A seeks to identify one best practice, not one method, and it seeks to identify one best practice per species in total, not one best practice for each objective (eradicate, control or contain) or scale. Best practice is not just about the methods used, but also how these methods are applied, how the public is involved, what results are achieved. Selecting one best practice intends to showcase good examples of actions taken to address a species in a particular context, with the idea of sharing ideas of measures that could be applied elsewhere, possibly with adaptations tailored to specific objectives or circumstances. The exercise does not aim at identifying the best method: as it is correctly stressed in the question a method needs to be adapted to the specific circumstances.