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The purchase and maintenance of fume cupboards, laboratory benches and a liquid ...
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European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security (HR)
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Clarification Request Annex 5 lot 3 Liquid Scintillation Counter
With reference to Annex 5 lot 3, point 21: it is requested to provide “One set of calibrated standards, sealed and unquenched samples of 14C and 3H; one unquenched blank standard for background determination; one set of calibrated standards for alpha/beta discrimination”; as regards calibrated standards for alpha/beta discrimination, considering that the quench level of standards could be different from the quench level in user’ samples, the value of the discriminators set for standards could be different from the one set for samples; thus, we ask if it mandatory to provide such standards, considering the limitations above. Thanks in advance Regards
We confirm that the calibrated standards for alpha/beta discrimination must be supplied. In fact, they will be used during the testing phase of the LSC instrument to verify the performance requested in point a) of Technical requirements for the supplies subject of Lot 3 LSC, in § I.3.3, in order to enable the acceptance of the supply by the Commission, if the above-mentioned requested performance is obtained.