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European Training Programme in Entrepreneurship for Educators
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EASME/COSME/2018/020: "European Training Programme in Entrepreneurship for Educators" 4.3.4. Technical and professional capacity criteria and evidence A. Criteria relating to tenderers
In relation to the Criterion A1 and Evidence A2, would you mind to clarify the following: 1.) Criterion A1: The tenderer must prove experience of at least 7 years as a university or academic institution in delivering entrepreneurship education (Bachelors' degree, Masters' degree, PhDs), Question 1: Request to clarify whether the Bachelors' degree, Masters' degree, PhDs, etc. must be related 100% to entrepreneurship education in order to comply with the 7 years of experience, or this Bachelors' degree, Masters' degree, PhDs can belong to any other field (for example: a Masters' degree in Business Management) including in its program specific contents related to entrepreneurship education 2.) Evidence A2: The tenderer must provide references for 1 international project delivered in this field in the last three years with a minimum value for the project of € 100.000. Question 2: Request to clarify whether the € 100.000 are related to the total value of the project or the specific value of the services provided by the company 3.) Question 3: It’s possible to submit projects that are currently ongoing? Do these projects have to comply with any specific requirement?
1.) What is required is that the higher education institutions applying- or being part of a joint tender - have consolidated experience in delivering entrepreneurship education. Such courses may be delivered as part of any study discipline. 2.) The tenderer must provide references for one international project in the field of entrepreneurship education delivered in the last three years with a minimum value of the whole project of EURO 100.000 3.) As a general rule, the references for projects need to be for completed and delivered projects in order to serve as evidence of compliance with the technical selection criteria. A "completed project" is understood as a project where all the outputs under the contract have been approved by the contracting authority. In the case of contracts/projects divided into independent phases/parts/components where the output of each phase/part/component has been completed and formally approved by the contracting authority, such a contract phase/part/component may be accepted as a reference to a completed project, provided the completed output alone proves the technical capacity requirement for which it was submitted. Please note that the evidence for the formal approval of this output (including e.g. a certificate letter) may be requested by the contracting authority.