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Technical assistance for the monitoring of LIFE projects (action grants and oper...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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Conflict of interest concerning Tender on technical assistance for the monitoring of LIFE projects
Are institutes as members of a consortium excluded from successful application due to possible conflicts of interest if they are themselves involved in Life projects? Thus, in a situation where one member of the consortium is also a beneficiary of the LIFE programme, does that exclude him/the consortium?
Please refer to the technical specifications Part 2, Independence: "The Tenderers must be independent from any existing or future LIFE beneficiaries. The contractor will have to certify his independence before signing the contract. In the case of a consortium, all members will have to certify their independence. Following the same conditions, all monitors and experts working under the contract will also sign a declaration of independence in which they will certify that ● They do not participate and will not participate as proponent, partner, sub-contractor or co-financier neither to any ongoing or future LIFE-projects, nor to any of the project proposals proposed under the 2012 and 2013 selection procedures for all strands of the LIFE+ programme (and the same for the company or organisation where they work currently)."