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Questions about criteria in tendern specifications
Dear Tender Committee In the formation process of a strong joint tender to apply we evaluated the information given by the tender specifications. Here we ran into criteria that need some clarification. Question regarding Criterion A4 “Criterion A4: The tenderer must prove its capacity to work in all EU countries.” “Evidence A4: the tenderer must provide references for 5 projects delivered in the last three years. Each project must cover the required geographical scope.” Similar question. Does the tenderer have to prove having the capacity (i.e. by providing references for projects in 5 different or more countries within the EU) or does every reference project need to cover every single EU country? That would mean that each one of five projects in the past three years dealt with work in every single of 28 EU countries.
As in the previous question, “Tenderer” relate to a single tenderer or in case of a joint tender the combined capacity of all members of the group and identified subcontractors. The 5 projects that should be provided as evidence should each cover all EU countries. “Cover” would be fulfilled if the project have e.g. analysed information from or produced information to the respective countries.