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International Ocean Governance Stakeholder Forum
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Duration of Tender
The duration of the tender is stated as being 44 months, however it also states that the tender may be renewed at 22 months for a further 22 months. Can you please provide more detail on this process? Should the initial tender cover activities for the full 44 months or separate activities between the two terms?
As set out in Section II.2.7 of the contract notice and in Section 1.8 of the Tender Specifications (TS) the initial duration of the contract will be 22 months (market volume of max. EUR 750 000) with a possibility of renewal for another 22 months (market volume of max. 750 000). The conditions for renewal are described in Article I.3.5 of the draft Service Contract. The activities proposed in your offer should follow the timetable indicated in Section 1.11 of the TS and thus cover the initial period of 22 months. In the case of renewal for another 22 months the contractor will perform the same tasks as those proposed for the initial period.