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Upgrade project and operation, support and maintenance services of the Multiserv...
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European Parliament, DG Innovation and Technological support (ITEC)
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Deadline extension - demande de report
Dears, We are currently working on the tender for renew of the SMIAP system at EP. We wish to be able to go further in our engineering of design of the structures which will support the screens. As each structure is being specific, this require more detailed studies that takes more time. To perform this, we kindly ask you a postponement of the submission date of the proposal to October 26, 2018. This will allow us to finalize our proposal with the quality required for both the technical part and the financial part. In advance, we thank you for your understanding. Best regards
Taking into account the complexity of affixing the screens as discovered together with DG INLO during the Brussels site visit, the European Parliament agrees to extend the deadline for submission of the tenders. The new closing date and time for the submission of tenders are date Wednesday 24 October 2018 and time 10.00 Luxembourg local time. The new date and time for opening of the tenders is Wednesday 31 October 2018 at 11.00 Luxembourg local time. These new dates are confirmed in a new version of the document “conditions”, just published on the e-tendering platform. ( SMIAPII - 200 - Conditions for submitting a tender) They will also be confirmed by a correction to the SMIAP-II contract notice 2018/S 154-352339 that was published in the Official Journal on 11/08/2018.