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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Technical offer requirements
Could you provide clarification on the technical requirements for proposals? Pages 38-39 outline three elements – description of approach and methods to ensure timely delivery and high-quality standards of the deliverables; description of the proposed team; and a 5-page theoretical protocol and analytical strategy. The tables showing how the proposals will be marked on pages 40-41 outline similar but not identical elements – the approach and quality of project management; the team; and the quality of the 5-page protocol/theoretical example? Should our proposal be structured by the first of these three elements (p38-39) or second (p40-41)? In the second interpretation, our demonstration of methodological approach would be limited to the 5-page example. In the first, there would be a more conventional response setting out methods, and our team and project management approach under the first criterion, as well as the 5-page example under the third criterion. If the second interpretation is the correct one, is there flexibility with the 5-page limit?
The technical elements should be answered as per the elements listed on p38-39. Please outline the methods, team and project management approach as well give a 5-page example