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Provision of Services in the Field of Marketing Consultancy and Content Producti...
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European Investment Fund
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Annex 4 Terms of Reference Lot 1 Essential Characteristics of the Services (p.9)
The document states that the service provider "shall have an operational office based no further than 100km at a great circle distance from the EIF headquarters;" Is this characteristic an exclusion criteria? We plan to submit a joint tender. Whereas two companies are Luxembourg-based, the third company is located in Saarbruecken, Germany. The distance to the EIF headquaters will be 111 km from there. Do all members of a consortium have to meet the distance characteristic? Is the circle distance meant as linear distance or distance by road?
In case of Joint Tenders, a Lead member must be appointed. This economic operator will act as EIF sole spokesperson and will be fully responsible for the peroformance of the Framework Agreement. On this basis, it is advised that one of the two Luxembourg-based companies is appointed as Lead member of your group of economic operators.