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European Investment Fund
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Annex 4 Terms of Reference 7.2.2 Selection phase and documentation - Technical and Professional Capacity p. 42
The document states that tenderers need to provide "The Technical and Professional Capacity Overview Form (Appendix 2 to Annex 5a) dully completed, comprising: 1) a presentation of the Tenderer (size, principal markets served, products and services, number of staff employed with relevant experience, geographical locations, etc.) - maximum 1 side of a Din A4 page." We intend to submit a joint tender. Does the page limit apply to all economic operators individually or does the page limit apply to a consortium, meaning that the presentation of all members shall be summarized on one page?
The concise description should be provided at the level of the Tenderer, whatever its legal form. Therefore, the page limit applies to the consortium, where the presentation of all members shall be summarized on one page.