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Corrigendum 2 : extending the deadline of submission from 07/11/2018 to 15/11/2018 is submitted for publication. Technical specifications (corrigendum 1) published on 20/10/2018: replacing "English native speaker/ English mother tongue" under qualification criteria for B5 and B6, by "English native speaker or full working proficiency as attested by a language certificate ( C2 level under CEFR or equivalent)"
Chafea/2018/Health/03 A Single Framework Contract for the provision of support s...
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Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea)
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English (en)
Question details
WP 2 task 2.1
WP 2 task 2.1: Does this task include topic related work for the tenderer, e.g. perform a literature search and draft a discussion paper, or does the tenderer only collect inputs from the experts of the expert groups and prepares the discussion paper based on the inputs?
The tenderer needs to present in the offer a clear methodology on how to prepare a discussion paper, whether it considers necessary to make a literature review or not, whether physical meeting with the experts would be required to collect and discuss their inputs, how to ensure the consensus in the document, how many draft they consider necessary…. It is up to the tenderer to present a sound methodology which will achieve the draft of a good discussion paper.