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Corrigendum 2 : extending the deadline of submission from 07/11/2018 to 15/11/2018 is submitted for publication. Technical specifications (corrigendum 1) published on 20/10/2018: replacing "English native speaker/ English mother tongue" under qualification criteria for B5 and B6, by "English native speaker or full working proficiency as attested by a language certificate ( C2 level under CEFR or equivalent)"
Chafea/2018/Health/03 A Single Framework Contract for the provision of support s...
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Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea)
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English (en)
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Requirements for subcontractors
Dear Chafea Procurement Team, When generating forms for the Tender Submission form, we note the following: For subcontractors who are natural persons, the tender submission form generates the following: A detailed form which requests whether the subcontractor share is above 0% of the total value of the contract. Annex Ic - a letter of intent (identified as Annex Ib in the tender specifications) Annex IV - a declaration of honour with mandatory fields for VAT registration and Statutory Registration Annex VII - Economic and Financial Capacity Form We would like to point out that these documents are extremely onerous for a single natural person to complete. It is also the case that, for some freelancers, they are not required to have VAT registration in their countries (it may be optional or it may only apply after a revenue threshold). Finally, we would like to point out that we normally only see these requirements for subcontractors when they are being entrusted with 10-15% of total contract volume, and not for work which may be as low as 0.05% of contract value or even less. Based on this, may we ask Chafea to: 1. Clarify that the reference to Annex Ib in the tender specifications is an error and that Ic is the correct designation 2. Waive documentation for subcontractors whose individual budget share will fall below 10% of contract value 3. Waive in any cases Annexes IV and VII for natural person subcontractors Thank you and kind regards
Section 1.8 of the tender specifications states that: " Tenderers are required to identify subcontractors whose capacity is necessary to fulfil the selection criteria (hereinafter referred to as "identified subcontractors")." Therefore, the tender submission form should request to indicate those subcontractors whose capacity is necessary to fulfil the selection criteria. As to the declaration on honour, all identified subcontractors have to provide it. The economic and financial capacity form would only have to be completed by those subcontractors, if any, whose capacity is necessary to fulfil this particular selection criterion.