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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Documentation for consortium members
Section 3.1 of the tender specification states “The successful tenderer shall provide the documents mentioned as supporting evidence in Annex III before signature of the contract and within a deadline given by the contracting authority. This requirement applies to all members of the consortium in case of joint tender.” However, Annex III is the Declaration on Honour. It is not clear what evidence has to be provided by all consortium members (in addition to the full set of evidence provided by the consortium lead) . Please could you confirm whether all members of the consortium have to provide the Authorised Signatory Form and the signed tender submission checklist as these only seem applicable to the lead?
The declaration of honour should be provided by all consortium members as part of the tender submission. If successful, the supporting evidence for the consortium members will be requested when the award of the contract is notified. The authorised signature form and tender submission checklist only need to be submitted by the leader of the consortium.