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Corrigendum 2 : extending the deadline of submission from 07/11/2018 to 15/11/2018 is submitted for publication. Technical specifications (corrigendum 1) published on 20/10/2018: replacing "English native speaker/ English mother tongue" under qualification criteria for B5 and B6, by "English native speaker or full working proficiency as attested by a language certificate ( C2 level under CEFR or equivalent)"
Chafea/2018/Health/03 A Single Framework Contract for the provision of support s...
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Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea)
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Annex V Financial offer
There is a problem with WP 2 Column E “Unit prices”: these prices will be influenced by the geographical scope, the number of people involved, the chosen methodology and the thematic. Tasks 2.4 and 2.6 are the most difficult ones to estimate as, for instance, a stakeholder analysis on addiction policy may include the assessment of several types of targets such as health experts and/or law and enforcement experts and/or drug associations and/or social workers and/or political parties, etc... What is the frame and how do you wish the bidders to calculate such prices? Many thanks for your answer
- Task 2.4. "Stakeholder analysis" . Under column E "Unite prices" the tenderers are expected to set up a " Fixed price for a stakeholder analysis on one health topic"- Depending on the health topic, it might be a lighter or a more in depth analysis (duration of 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the topic) and therefore the price will depend on the duration of the task (1,3 or 6 months duration) - Task 2.6 is related to the Online survey: Under this task the contractor is requested to launch a public online survey (e.g. using the EU survey software). The questions will be provided by the EC (up to 15). The contractor will convert these into an online survey, publicize the survey widely (e.g. via the Health Policy Platform) and analyse the results. The survey should remain open for 4 weeks (6 weeks if over summer time). The deliverable will be an activity report including the questionnaire, results (raw data) and analysis of the results (Ca. 5-10 page report plus the raw data and explanatory tables in the annex).Therefore the tenderers are expected to set up a unite price for launching a public online survey up to 15 questions (publicizing it and keeping it open for 4 weeks (or 6 weeks during the summer period), using the questions provided by the EC, collecting the information and analyse it.