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- With reference to the 4 Governing Board meetings per year mentioned under organisational support (section of the Tender Specifications), can you confirm that we should only budget travel and lodging expenses for our staff members? Or should we also include other organisational costs (catering, travel expenses of other participants, venue, etc.)? - The same query applies to the workshop for stakeholders (section 2.4.3) If expenses beyond travel and lodging for our staff members should be considered, we would kindly ask for the following information: - Indicative number of attendees - Duration of the meetings / workshop - Expenses to be budgeted Kind regards
Organisational support to the Governing Board meetings does not include: travel costs for members of the Governing Board, reservation of rooms. It includes: - travel costs to ensure the presence of the contractor at the meeting; - preparatory work (i.e. choice of dates suitable for the Governing Board members, agenda, presentations, update on the progress of the Coalition; collection of info relevant for the Board meetings) together with the Commission services. Duration of each meeting of the Governing Board: max. half a day. Estimation of working days for each meeting including the presence at the meeting: 3 days full-time equivalent. The workshop for stakeholders: indicative number of attendees: 100 people in Brussels, plus a remote connection open to all stakeholders. Duration of the workshop: half a day Expenses to be budgeted: organisation of the meeting (physically and remotely); meeting venue and light catering. No reimbursement of travel costs for participants. Presence of 3 members of the contractor.