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Logistic support for the ESARDA Symposium 2019
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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1) What kind of laser printer shall you need? A4 or A3 format? B&W or Colors? 2) What size sould the stage be? 3) What kind of backdrop shall you need? Size? Customized? 4) What do you mean for "microphone clipped for the speaker"? 5) How many fixed microphones shall you need? 6) What kind of conference bag shall you need? 24h? Backpack? 7) For the digital recording of the presentations of day do you need a videographer to film the panel and to record it? 8) Shall we provide the vista order to attend the event for all the participants including shipping for all? 9) The printing of the conference documentation shall be 150 pages each paticipant? Front back or not?
1) One laser printer that can do A4 and A3 color. 2) The stage must be big enough to accommodate 6 seats with table and presentation stand. 3) About 6m x 1m customized. 4) Microphones that can be attached to the clothes of the speaker (hand free) and allows movements of the speaker. 5) Please refer to the Technical specifications. 6) A 24h bag. 7) Yes, we do. 8) Only a part of the participants may need visa assistance. Shipping is not needed. 9) Yes. The documentation must be printed double-sided.