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Translation Services Into Croatian, German, Irish, Polish, Romanian and Spanish
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European Parliament, DG Translation
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subcontractors - Multilingual
Please let us know whether the following situation is acceptable: we intend to work with some contractors who at the moment do not have a commercial activity, but in case we win the contract, they will set up a company/or PFA. So starting on January 2020, they will have commercial activity/issue invoices etc. Please advise whether this situation is acceptable or not.
The rules governing subcontracting are set out in point 6 of the specifications: Subcontracting. If the tenderer intends to use subcontractors, Annex VII must be completed and included with the tender. The Institution(s) is entitled to reject any subcontractor who does not comply with the exclusion and/or selection criteria (see chapters 13 and 14 respectively). Furthermore, the Institution(s) must be informed by the Contractor of any subsequent use of subcontracting not provided for in the tender. The authorising officer responsible reserves the right to accept or reject the proposed subcontractor. In order to do so he may demand the requisite proof to establish whether the subcontractor(s) complies with the requisite criteria. The Institution(s) authorisation will always be granted in writing. In particular, it should be noted that the list of named individual translators declared in annex XI cannot be modified during the tendering procedure, but Contractors may replace or add new named individual translators at the time of each re-ranking exercise. The request to replace or add new translators to the lists must be submitted in writing together with an updated annex XI. The proposed new named individual translators will have to pass the translation test described in chapter 14 before the Contractor may involve them in the performance of the translation tasks under the framework contract.