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Translation Services Into Croatian, German, Irish, Polish, Romanian and Spanish
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European Parliament, DG Translation
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English (en)
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Additional proof of info in Annexes
Can you please confirm which (if any) signed and stamped government-issued proof is to be provided in this phase as an additional proof to signed annexes IV, V, VI, VII, X and annexes XI). e.g. proof of impunity, proof that taxes and social security contributions are in order, details of credit rating, etc.
The requirements for the content and presentation of tenders are set out in point 4 of the Invitation to Tender and Conditions for Submitting a Tender. Where the tenderer intends to subcontract the performance of the translation tasks to freelancers, the tender documents should include the duly completed annex VII, Declaration concerning subcontractors signed by the tenderer, the duly completed annex XI: Details of the named individual translator, project managers and IT specialists, signed by the legal representative of the tenderer, as well as by the named individual translators, project managers and IT specialists, and the duly completed Excel file saved in Excel format on the electronic memory device (DVD, CD or USB stick) referred to in annex XI. The only supporting documentary evidence for the exclusion or selection criteria which must be submitted with the applicable tender documents are the documents specified at chapter 14.1 of the specifications attesting to the legal and regulatory capacity of the tenderer. All other documentary evidence referred to in chapter 13: Exclusion criteria: Evaluation of the exclusion criteria, paragraphs 2 and 3, and in annex XIV, Documentary evidence, shall be provided by the tenderer only upon request from the Contracting Authority and then within 10 calendar days of the dispatch of the request.