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Support services for the Scaling up of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and...
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European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CON...
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Section Organisational support Tool for presenting activities of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition - the contractor will maintain the website and database of the Pledgeviewer.
The successful contractor is required to maintain the pledgeviewer website and database. As a result, they would need to take over the existing technical codebase and perform an initial familiarisation with the technical and business requirements implemented by the project. Is this activity foreseen by the Contracting Authority? Will the source code and relevant documentation be made available to the successful contractor at the initiation of the project? What technologies are used for the website and database? Can you please clarify where the website is hosted and whether the hosting will remain as-is during the duration of the project? In case additional environments (servers) are needed for staging and testing updates to the website and database, will that be provided by the successful contractor?
A hand-over to give all the necessary information to the successful contractor will be made by the Contracting Authority at the start of the project. The website is based on custom PHP code + Vfront ( as DB management tool. The website is hosted on the servers of the European Commission and will stay there. No, additional servers to perform testing and presentation of the updates before deploying the final version to the production server can be provided by the Commission.