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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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HOME/2019/ISFX/PR/AUDI/0001 - Clarification question
Page 32 – 34 – At the end of the point 4.2 Selection Criteria, section B. Criteria relating to the team delivering the service (page 34), it is mentioned that the tenderer shall provide 1 CV for Cat.1, 5 CVs for Cat. 2 and 5 CVs for Cat. 3 and that other additional CVs will not be considered. However, on page 32, it is mentioned that “the team delivering the service should include, as a minimum, the following profiles” : a. At least 1 Audit Partner and 1 back-up (Cat. 1) b. At least 2 Audit co-ordinators and 1 back-up (Cat. 2) c. At least 3 Audit Specialists (Cat. 2) d. At least 10 Audit Seniors (Cat.3) e. At least 10 Audit Juniors (Cat.4) Based on the two above requirements, we understand that 1 CV Cat1, 5 CVs cat 2 and a selection of 5 CVs for the Senior profiles is requested (a total of maximum 11 CVs). Could you please confirm the correctness of our understanding.
We confirm your understanding: - 1 CV for staff category 1 concerning the Audit Partner. - 5 CVs for staff category 2 concerning the 2 Audit co-ordinators and the 3 Audit specialists. - 5 CVs for staff category 3 concerning half of the 10 Audit Seniors.