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Framework Contract on the execution of audits and controls and the development o...
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Technical and Professional Capacity Criteria – Requirement to Provide References P30
Under declaration and evidence, the selection criteria states: The tenderers initially shall not provide any other evidence for compliance with the selection criteria apart from the declaration on honour (Annex 1) (with exception for the CVs). This declaration is part of the declaration used for exclusion criteria (see section 4.1) so only one declaration covering both aspects shall be provided by each concerned entity. In a first stage, the contracting authority will evaluate the selection criteria on the basis of the declaration on honour and the CVs required in the criteria relating to the team delivering the service. P31 then goes on to explain the criteria required for technical and professional capacity in respect of references. Please confirm that we are required to provide the ten references outlined, in our tender submission. In essence, we wish to clarify that these references should be included with the tender, and not at contract award stage.
For the selection, criteria please see section 4.2, Declaration and evidence, page 31: For the selection criteria, the tender shall include only the declaration on honour and the CVs. At a later stage and only for the tenderers with the highest-ranking mark, the contracting authority will ask these highest-ranking tenderers to provide the other documents related to the selection criteria (for which the ten references).