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Framework Contract on the execution of audits and controls and the development o...
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Technical and Professional Capacity Criteria –References P32
With regards to the provision of ten references, it is stated on P32 the following: Be audit firm (as defined by Directive 2006/43/EC), i.e. an entity that is approved by the competent authorities of a Member State to carry out statutory audits. In the case of a joint-tender, all economic operators shall provide the aforementioned evidence. For previous EC framework contracts, in the case of a joint tender, such criteria is usually applicable to the tenderer as a whole, effectively a consolidated assessment is carried out. Please could you confirm whether the ten audits (of which two audits of types listed on P32), are indeed required for each joint tenderer (so for example, where there are two joint-tenderers, 20 references would be required in total), or whether ten in total are required to represent the consolidated experience of the tenderers.
Please refer to part 4.A criteria relating to tenderers: “Tenderers (in case of a joint tender the combined capacity of all tenderers and identified subcontractors) must comply with the following criteria: (…)” The ten audit references are required per tenderer as a whole; in case of a joint tender the ten audit references are required for the combined capacity of all the tenderers and identified subcontractors.