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Eurostat external user support.
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Tender specifications - Lot 5
Question 5. Lot 5 - "2.3 Tasks and expected results Please note that, apart from a few exceptions, the Central Support team in Eurostat do not provide tailor-made data extractions for users and that any third party (outside Eurostat and contractors) is free to offer this service. Contractors will not be allowed to offer such a tailor-made service against payments in order to avoid any conflict of interests." It has been evident for some years that the market for selling tailor-made extractions of Eurostat data does not exist. This is because the improvements in the wesbsite and user tools make it more possible to extract data even as a complete novice in the field. However, potential contractors for the user support operation may well be engaged in paid research for clients which involves the extraction of data from public sources and its assembly into a report. This is paid research work and has nothing to do with re-selling data. Will companies who do this kind of work be barred from being user support contractors because of their paid research work?
“Section 2.3. Tasks and expected results" should be understood as follows: Contractors are not allowed to offer tailor-made data extractions of Eurostat data against payment in order to avoid any conflict of interest.