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Support for Social Statistics Protection
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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TAsk 2. Expected tasks
From the description of task 2 in the ToR, we understand that the first report will include, on the one hand, an analysis of possible data sources in EU member states with the aim of developing the new ESSPROS module. On the other hand, a proposal for a pilot data collection is expected. In the tworenewal contracts (each 12 months), documents are expected in which results of the pilot data collection are reflected. The question arises of who will be responsible for the step in-between: the data collection itself? Will this be done by Eurostat or would this also be part of task 2? If contractors are not responsible for the data collection, will the data be made available by Eurostat to evaluate the process and the content of the pilot project?
Eurostat is responsible of the pilot data collection and will provide available documents.