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Framework Contract on the execution of audits and controls and the development o...
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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English (en)
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Translation of reports
On P18 of the tender, under reporting, reference is made to the audit report and management letter being provided in English, but then goes on to advise that a translation of the audit report and the management letter in the language of the country in which the audit was carried out may be requested on an ad-hoc basis. Please could you advise how the costs of translation can be recovered, and accounted for, in the financial proposal of the tender.
The financial proposal of the tender shall not take into consideration the cost of translation, as translation may be required on an ad-hoc basis. Concerning the recovery of translation costs, these costs will be part of the financial offer for a specific contract if translation is required. Translation costs will be considered as reimbursement of expenses based on real cost (copy of the invoice of translation services).