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Nationality of the tutors - the case of British nationals and candidate countries
According to the tender specifications on page 46, on point II.3 of the table regarding the requirements for the tutors' team is mentioned: ''The 5 tutors shall come from minimum of three different countries applying the EU acquis to provide a provide a broad-based international background''. Point 1 of the same table mentions: ''5 qualified and experienced tutors with university degrees and 5 years of relevant experience in the practical implementation of the EU acquis in countries where this acquis applies.’’ Please provide us a clarification if the experts of British nationality will still be considered as coming from a country applying the EU acquis communaitaire at this stage and after the 29th of March 2019? Please be take into consideration the fact that after the 29th of March 2019: - the expertise of British experts in the implementation of acquis communautaire will still exist and be valid as it was built since 1973 up to present moment (the years of UK membership to EU) and - the UK will still apply the EU acquis communautaire until the definition of the future relationship with EU which will take some time to shape it and change it within its own UK institutions. - the training programmes and presentations will be elaborated in an estimated timeline of 2 to 3 months from the moment of 29th of March 2019 when the expertise of UK expertise will be update with the EU regulations.
The negotiations with regard to UK withdrawal from the EU are still on going and their outcome is unclear at present. However, tenderers should refer to the applicable rules in the Financial Regulation and Tender Specifications with regard to the present or future legal standing of team members of British nationality. All requirements in the table in section 4.3.3. of the tender specifications need to be fulfilled in a cumulative way for the whole duration of the contract.