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Eurostat external user support.
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Tender specifications - Section 2.3.2 Training courses
1) How many participants have to be considered for each training course? 2) Should the Contractor bear the costs of travel and accommodation for each participant or the users themselves will pay for their travel and accommodation? 3) Should a per diem be paid to each participant? If so, at what rate? 4) Should the Contractor organize and pay for the coffee-break and/or the lunch for each participant? 5) How will the training courses be published and users informed? Will Eurostat take care of informing possible users about the training courses, or should the Contractor take care of that? If this is Eurostat’s responsibility, how it will be implemented? If the Contractor has to publicize the training and inform users, how Eurostat is expecting to be done? 6) How will work the registration process to the training courses? By emails sent by interested users, or Eurostat is expecting some other means to be put in place (for example via an automatic registration form)?
1) We recommend training courses for around 15 participants and with a minimum of 10 participants 2) Participants will pay for eventual travel and accommodation costs 3) No per diem 4) The contractor could organise and pay for the Coffee break, but not for the lunch of each participant. 5) The contractor uses his network/client relations for promoting such trainings 6) The Contractor invites and register/managing the trainings. The contractor is free to register the participants as they wish. For instance via email or register forms. Before each training is carried out, Eurostat must approve the training course (content, number of participants and organization, etc). After the training course, the contractor will be asked to send an evaluation report about the training, which must include a signed list of participants.