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Framework Contract on the execution of audits and controls and the development o...
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Pricing - Annex 3 and Annex 4
According to the Tender Specifications, not only the prices per category (Annex 3) but also the prices indicated in the scenarios (Annex 4) will constitute the maximum prices allowed to charge for specific contracts. Considering that the scenarios in Annex 4 are based on very specific conditions, could you please explain how you are transferring the pricing-model of the two Annexes to the pricing of specific contracts as the particular conditions of future assignments could vary a lot from one to another?
The price schedule refers to the daily rate per profile that the contractor will be allowed to charge per day per profile when submitting an offer for a specific contract under the Framework contract. The purpose of the financial offer for the case studies is twofold: on one part it will be used for calculating the quality/price ratio for the award of the FWC, on the other part, the financial offer for the case studies will be also used as pricing-model to build up financial offer for any service request during the FWC duration. In particular, the approach to build up the team organisation and to size the adequate team in both volume and type of profiles will serve as a comparison to assess the financial offer for any specific request.