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WP2 Publication and performance indicators
The first task under WP2, as described in section, includes the creation of a short video adapted to the primary target audience that is to be delivered to the contracting authority. Can you please clarify the following: 1) Where will this video be published and by whom? 2) The task description makes no reference to the dissemination of the video, yet the performance indicators listed in section 1.7 for the short video include several indicators that are related to the successful dissemination of the video, including at events and to public authorities. Therefore, will contractors be required to budget and plan for the identification of events and public authorities as well as the active promotion of the video to events and public authorities?
The contractor is expected to produce the video by mid-month 11 and deliver it to the Contracting authority. Tenderers should propose quantitative indicators that will be used to measure the outreach of the video after production and until the end of the contact as part of their methodology but are not required to budget for or implement a separate video campaign.