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The orig. of the declaration on honour (=Annex 6.1) must be sent by letter to the authority's post. addr. (=EC, DG for Intern., Ind., Entr. SMEs, BREY 10/124, 1049 Brussels) at the latest on the 12.3.2019, if electr. subm. will be on 11.3.
Do they have to be in one “package “, if we have a joint offer by a Group of members/partners and one Group leader/ Lead partner? In other words, can every member of the Group separately send their original hand-signed declaration on honour to the contracting authority’s postal address or should Group leader send all in one package?
It is preferable that the Group leader / Lead partner sends the originals of the declarations of honour on exclusion criteria and selection criteria (Annex 6.1 of the technical specifications) of all partners in one package. However, if it is problematic due to time constraint, each member of the Group / partner can send it separately. Please also note that the Commission is not bound to reply to requests for additional information received less than 6 working days before the time-limit for receipt of tenders. (invitation to tender 3.1).