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Overview of District Heating and Cooling Markets and Regulatory Frameworks under...
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Section 2.3 (Timetable)
Could you please clarify the expected content of the second interim report, in particular regarding tasks 2, 3 and 4? The latter is not included in the description, while Task 2 appears twice. Could you please indicate if all case studies analysed by Tasks 3 and 4 should be included in the respective preliminary draft deliverables?
The second mentioning of Task 2 in relation to the second interim report is a clerical mistake. In the second interim report, for Tasks 3 and 4 the preliminary draft deliverables should be provided, while for Task 2, the draft deliverables should already be prepared. The text for the second interim report should therefore read as follows: “The second interim report providing the final deliverables under Tasks 1, the draft deliverables under Tasks 2 and 5 and preliminary draft deliverables under Tasks 3 and 4 shall be provided at the latest 10 months following the entry into force of the contract.” The Commission will discuss the exact content of the second interim report with the contractor. In principle, this will cover the detailed approach and outline of the deliverables under Tasks 3 and 4, but not yet the developed set of case studies. The case studies will be developed in detail for the draft final report and the final deliverables.