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Annex 3 to the tender specifications (Financial Offer) has been replaced. Please ignore other versions of Annex 3 which have been uploaded as additional documents.
Provision of hotel, restaurant and local transport services bookings for groups ...
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European Commission, DG Communication (COMM)
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Financial offer
We do not understand answer to question 6. It is stated that 'at least four 5-star hotels, seven 4-star hotels and seven 3-star hotels is required for the purpose of evaluation and comparison of financial offers. Additional hotels may be included but will not be taken into consideration for comparison of financial offers.' However, we noticed that if we encode more, the formula in cells H4, H16 and H28 vary. We assume it is a mistake as the formula should not change even if we encode more than the minimum. Could you please send us a new version of the Financial offer ?
It is not possible to change the formula at this point. The price comparison will be made as specified in the Tender Specifications.