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Translation services into Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Fi...
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European Parliament, DG Translation
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questions concerning the tender
1. Should we submit Annex VIII: Financial data sheet together with the tender documents in the first round or just upon request? 2. Could you please specify the Trados Studio version in which the test translation is expected to be received and delivered? 3. With reference to Section 15 (Award criteria, Translation Project Management Test, page 34) of the Specifications: “The test will consist of delivering a translation of a multilingual source document”. Could you please specify the type of the document (e.g. AM) expected to be received, naming also the institution (e.g. European Parliament, European Court of Auditors etc.) that will author the test translation document? 4. With reference to the wording of Annex XIV (Documentary Evidence) of the Specifications (page 80) would the Curriculum Vitae of the named revisers, translation project manager and IT specialist declared in Annex XI be sufficient as proof of professional experience? 5. We don’t clearly understand what we should do with the following instruction in the Legal Entity Form/Private company file: “and fill in the form of the named individual translator”, as this is the financial identification form of a company. Please clarify. Thank you!
1. The duly completed Annex VIII - Financial data sheet does not need to be provided with the tender documents but sent only upon request from the Contracting Authority. 2. See answer to Q.71. Tenderers are not required to use any specific CAT tool for the purpose of the translation project management test. The original file format will be .docx and the delivered format shall be the same. 3. See answer to Q.71. Point 15 - Award criteria of the specifications states that the legal representative of the Tenderer will receive the instructions, organisational details, and start and end time and date of the time window for the translation project management test by notification e-mail at least 2 weeks (14 calendar days) before the day when the test will be organised. 4. A Curriculum Vitae alone would not constitute sufficient proof of the professional capacity requirements set out in Table 7 under point 14.3 of the specifications. 5. This is an error. Thank you for pointing it out. The wording above the form should stop after “ account details.”