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Please note that a new version Annex I (a) Price list has been uploaded to include two lines for item 24 to allow price offer for A4 size & A5 size).
Communication through objects - Production of promotional items
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Price list Annex I a - specification for each item
Dear Madam or Sir, could you please provide more spécifications about the products? - Technical description (material, size, color,...) or pictures. - We also need to know the branding you would like to have on each item (this will impact the price) - Do we need to include the 24 different languages for each item in the price? Thank you,
A new price list has been uploaded and include further specifications about products. Indications on branding details can be found in Annex IX, Consistent Communication Brand Book. As mentioned in Annex I (a) price list: " Prices quoted must be expressed in euros and they must cover all costs of production, follow-up of the production, quality control, design control, packaging, logistics including storage and distribution of the ordered products and delivered products (production in 24 languages)".