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How much biodiversity does Natura 2000 cover?
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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Acceptation of consolidated references
p.6 of the Tenders specifications, on 2.3.2.a, it is written "– The tenderer must prove to be familiar with the EU-nature legislation (EU Birds and Habitats Directive), and in particular with requirements under these Directives for setting up, protecting and managing the EU-wide Natura 2000 network of sites, with at least 3 projects delivered in this field in the last five years, with a minimum value for each project of € 100 000" Natura 2000 sites in France are smaller and more numerous than in other countries and therefore projects related to them barely reach €100 000. Can the tenderer aggregate several very similar Natura 2000-related projects conducted in the same year for instance, and present these consolidated references to reach the €100 000 threshold?
The selection criteria do not leave any margin of flexibility with regard to the requirement that the tenderer must have delivered at least 3 projects in relation to the EU-nature legislation, each with a minimum value of €100.000, within the last five years. The tenderer can therefore not aggregate several projects to reach the €100.000 threshold.