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Annex VI. Information sheet concerning groups of economic operators
Footnote 16 to Annex VI makes reference to a possible description of the technical, professional and economic capacities being provided elsewhere in the tender. 1. Where else might this be provided within the tender itself? 2. Does it mean that tenderers are required to provide a description of their working procedures for the contract and/or collaboration procedures between two companies? We were under the impression that we only had to provide the information referred to in point 4 of the Invitation to tender and that a more detailed tender presentation (of the companies, working procedures, etc.) was not required.
In the case of groups of economic operators, the financial and economic capacity and the technical and professional capacities as described in points 14.2 and 14.3 of the specifications should be specified separately in the right hand column of Annex VI for each member of the group in order to allow the Contracting Authority to verify if the group as a whole fulfils the relevant criteria. No separate tender presentation is required.