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Translation services into Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Fi...
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European Parliament, DG Translation
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English (en)
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Subcontractor's freelancers
According to the specifications you may ask later on for "Employment contract or subcontracting arrangement or equivalent evidence for the named revisers, translation project manager and IT specialist". If we use a subcontractor (company) and some of these persons (i.e. revisers) are freelancers working for that compnay, will our contract with the subocntractor be enough as evidence or you will also need the agreement between our subcontractor and the freelancer?
If the Tenderer intends to satisfy the minimum professional capacity requirements for named revisers in point 14.3 by naming in Annex XI revisers who are the employees or freelancers of a third party company, the Tenderer should also complete and submit Annex VII - Declaration concerning subcontractors. In this case too, the Contracting Authority will consider any documentary evidence submitted by the Tenderer proving full-time experience of translation or revision by the named revisers (for instance employment contract or freelance contract with the subcontractor, certificates, copies of order forms, copies of payment orders etc).