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Translation services into Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Fi...
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European Parliament, DG Translation
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Full time experience of translation/revision and proofs
Could you please clarify the term "full time experience of translation/revision". a) What exactly "full time" means? b) If a translator is our in-house translator and has been working in our company for 5 years. Does this mean that he works full time? Will an employment contract be considered as sufficient proof for such translator? c) If a translator is a freelance translator and works for our company on a contractual basis for 5 years. Does this mean that he works full time? Will invoices issued by this translator to our company and stating the work done, language combination, etc. be considered sufficient proof for such translator?
Any documentary evidence submitted by the Tenderer proving full-time experience of translation or revision by the named revisers will be taken into consideration by the Contracting Authority (for instance employment contract, freelance contract, certificates, copies of order forms, copies of payment orders etc).