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Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (CHJU)
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Client statements mentioned in section 4.2.4, point A.
Under point A. Criteria relating to tenderers in section 4.2.4 Technical and professional capacity criteria and evidence, you mention that project references must be accompanied by statements issued by the clients. On this note, we would like to ask you to clarify the following two questions: 1. What information should the clients include in their statements - that is, specifically what should the statements consist of? 2. Is there any specific document format you would like us to use? Thank you.
As mentioned din the Tender Specification, statements from clients accompany the list of relevant services provided by the tenderer in the past three years, with the sums, dates and clients ( public or private). As a result: 1. such a statement should include information allowing the contracting authority to extract from such a statement the same facts: the client who issues it, the service delivered, the amount and the dates where the services were rendered. 2. there is no specific format or template required. All economic operators are free to use any type of document or format. The only requirement is that such a statement attests, as a minimum, to the same facts as the project reference list drafted by the tenderer.