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Mainstreaming climate change into the CSF Funds 2014–2020.
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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Team criteria / CVs
1. How strict are the definitions set out regarding the team criteria? 2. Do we need to provide multiple CVs if one person is named to several Member States or will one suffice?
1. In the offer, the tenderer shall propose 28 country teams (EU27+Croatia). Each country team shall consist of a country team leader and four country team members. Each of the country team members shall be assigned to one of the four roles defined in paragraph [178], i.e. as either ERDF/CF expert, ESF expert, EAFRD expert, or EMFF expert. Each of the country teams shall cover the four roles. The country team members shall fulfil the requirements in paragraph [175], and there should be consistency between, on the one hand, the country team member's education and/or post-graduate experience with, on the other hand, the assigned role re paragraph [178]. Failure to propose a country team for each of the 28 countries, with a country team leader re paragraph [171] and the four country team members re paragraph [175] covering the four roles set out in paragraph [178], i.e. as either ERDF/CF expert, ESF expert, EAFRD expert, or EMFF expert, may lead to the tender being rejected as non-compliant with the requirements. 2. Reference is made to the requirements to the technical offer, item 7, on page 53 of the tender specifications: For each of the 28 country teams, the technical offer shall include the required front-page and the CVs of the country team experts. Therefore, the answer to the question is YES, i.e. multiple CVs shall be provided for the same person, if he/she is participating in more than one country team.