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New Mobility Patterns in European Cities
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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Methodology to conduct an EU-wide NTS.
Strictly following the NTS methodology as prescribed in Eurostat's Passenger Mobility Guidelines in all EU MS, might prove to be prohibitive in light of the available budget reserved for task A. To which extent flexibility exists in the methodological approach to be followed under this task?
Dear Madam/Sir, In the technical specification document, it is mentioned “The methodological reference for the study shall be the latest version of Eurostat Guidelines on Passenger Mobility Statistics to the best extent possible.” Thus we don’t expect a complete compliance with the Guidelines. In the Technical Specifications a minimum requirements are specified, such as conducting the survey through probability sampling or the minimum effective sample size of 1067 respondents, use of the same definitions (e.g. travel purpose) etc. Besides a number of recommendations are made (such as stratified random sampling, to collect a sample ranging between a minimum of 1,067 to 9,604 , etc). Beyond these the contractor has the flexibility to propose the appropriate methodology, taking into account the minimum requirements and the recommendation for methodology as well as the resources available. The proposed methodological approach should be justified. “It suffices to collect information from a sample of the reference population, insofar that this sample is representative for that reference population. The quality of a sample depends on two elements: the sampling frame and the sampling method.” (Passenger Mobility Guidelines, 2018, page 42). Best regards.