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Integrated Audiovisual Production, Distribution and Archiving Services, PO/2019-...
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European Commission, DG Communication (COMM)
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Checklist of documents - Lot I-C, Lot II-C, Lot III-C, Lot IV C
I would like to insist on the PART B of the checklists of documents. If I understand well your answer to the same question on 9/4, we do not have to submit documents and demonstrate evidence for the parts from B1 to B6 or B7. Nevertheless points B5 to B7 are the proof of technical and professional capacity. You refer in the same answer to the point 8.1 of Exclusion and Selection criteria where you state again this part is not to be proven in this stage of the tender but could be requested at a later stage and in any case from the winning tender. If that is the case, by which means you want us to proof the Technical and professional capacity of the Selection criteria (point 8.3 of the same document). This seams a contradiction. Even for parts B3 to B4 can you confirm we do not need to deliver these documents at this stage of the tender.
None of the documents on part B of the Checklist of documents for each Lot are requested at tender submission stage, as indicated in our answer to the same question. See Question7 These documents will be requested at a later stage of the procedure.