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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)
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Submission of tenders: organisation registration
Could you kindly advise on electronic tender submission requirement. Namely: To prepare and submit a tender in e-Submission tenderers (all members of a joint tender) must be registered in the Commission online register of organisations participating in the EU grants or procurement procedures. After registration each organisation obtains a Participant Identification Code (PIC). If the company was registered in the past and has a PIC number but access to this account is no longer available (status: DECLARED), can we register the same organisation again using the same company name but updated data (e.g. main office), get a new PIC number, validate the status and submit the tender? OR: does the existing account need to be deactivated or deleted to register again? If it has to be deleted first, please instruct.
If access to the existing account is no longer possible for declared PICs, there are 2 different steps that need to be followed: a) If there is a NAC flag (National Agency verification), an ECHE code or a call linked to the PIC, we follow a certain procedure in cooperation with the Validation Services in order to grant access to the existing PIC for a new email account which will appear as the new Self-Registrant (contact person). b) If none of the above exists, then the user is advised to create a new PIC, and then inform the Validation Services via the portal about the creation of a duplicate. In this case, the old PIC appears as a deprecated PIC (not deleted).