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Question deadline was 06/05/2019 and we have technically closed it by putting the date.
Multiple Framework Service Contract in 5 lots for the External Expertise in the ...
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European Parliament, DG European Parliamentary Research Service
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Participation of UK based companies
We understand that UK based companies may be excluded from the procurement procedure after the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. Does this include the procurement of specific contracts under this framework if the framework has already been granted to a UK company?
If the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU becomes effective during the lifetime of a signed framework contract, the principle of “pacta sunt servanda” implies that the contracts already signed shall be implemented in accordance with their terms. This also affects specific contracts under a framework contract. If the framework contract was signed with several economic operators with the reopening of competition award, the authorising officer must further invite all parties to the framework contract and give them the possibility to submit a tender for the actual request in question.