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Broker Services for Advertising Related to Recruitment
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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)
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Question details
Completion of Annex I.F (Financial)
Request: we are concerned that the request to submit a flat percentage fee for online and print media jointly might be difficult to establish for bidders based on the price differential between print and online media (the ratio between these channels can be be several times over). A realistic % fee for a small media cost (online) risks having a high impact on media cost even if capped. The inverse situation applies. Would you consider allowing bidders to submit fees separating print and online online media separately and submit a flat fee per media insertion (one for print and one for online), which will be fixed during the duration of the contract. This would be simple to evaluate.
Please submit your financial offer according to the template provided in Annex I.F. We estimate the proportion between print and online media to be less than 1 to 10.