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Integrated Audiovisual Production, Distribution and Archiving Services, PO/2019-...
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European Commission, DG Communication (COMM)
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Lot 1 - Tender specifications - 2.3.3 Video and audio production - Corporate video production - pre-testing of concepts and products among restricted audiences
In a previous answer it was stated that approximately 150 corporate videos will be produced per year. We assume that not all these videos will have to be tested among audiences? Are we right to assume that this will refer more to new concepts and media? Who will this restricted audience have to represent? Tested accross the whole of the EU?
In our answer to question 56 (see Question56) it is stated that “As an indication, 150 corporate videos were produced in 2018. Demand for such productions is steadily increasing.” The pre-testing is defined case by case with the Contracting Authority. The pre-testing can be done with restricted audiences across the EU (e.g. involving the EC Representations in the Member States or any other EC network), with staff from the EU institutions, or any other restricted target audience relevant for a specific video project.