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Integrated Audiovisual Production, Distribution and Archiving Services, PO/2019-...
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European Commission, DG Communication (COMM)
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Question details LOT III
We’d like to get more information about described MPEG over IP DVB-compliant MPEG-2 transport stream (ref
a) Can you provide a network link for MPEG over IP Source?
b) Do you prefer either UDP or RTP/UDP with FEC (which FEC?)? Will you provide Multicast-Source or do you prefer Unicast?
c) Can you provide more information about MPEG-TS Bouquet-overall needed transmission bitrate?
d) Can you give more information about used H.264/MPEG4 AVC Video CoDec, which Profile is used, which Chroma sampling (4:2:0 or 4:2:2)?
e) Do you use same MPEG-TS Bouquet for MPEG over IP provided source and Satellite-Uplink?
a) No, the network link has to be provided by the contractor as described in the Tender Specifications.
b) It is up to the Tenderer to propose a reliable and compliantsolution. The Commission can handle any of the options reflected in the question.
c) The Commission can provide an MPEG-TS transmission bitrate up to 24 Mbps per channel (EbS and EbS+).
d) The H.264 profile used is HiP@L4.
e) No, the MPEG-TS on satellite is MPTS while the IP source provided is SPTS. For both transport streams, the structure of the services is the same.